Thanks to the generous support of Vodafone, AURA are offering competitor kits at cost to teams.

We've scoured the internet to find the best parts for the best prices so you don't have to.

These kits include everything needed to build a functional, competition ready robot.

We encourage competitors to add or substitute parts to make the best robot possible.

The price of the kit is $250. These kits should largely be reusable, as robots tend not to lose any of the electronics in a fight.

Component # Description
Drive Motor 2

12v 600RPM DC motor

So your robot can drive around.

Electronic Speed Controller (ESC) 2

10A ESC with fail safe

For controlling your drive motors.

Transmitter/receiver 1 The transmitter and receiver allow you to control your robot remotely.
Battery 1

11.1V 3S 850mAh Lipo battery

All the juice a young robot needs.

Battery charger 1 Because competing with a flat battery would be terrible.
Steel plate 1 300mmx300mmx1.6mm of cold hard steel
Nuts and Bolts 1 This is a medly of different nuts and bolts to hold your bot together.
Tires and hubs 1 Your robot is going to need some wheels, after all.
Aluminum angle metal 1 This is 40mm x 25mm x 1.6mm x 500mm of L shaped aluminum to really hold your bot together.
Dean Connector 1 For battery connections

If you'd like to upgrade your robot, we've found some excellent parts suppliers that offer a wide range at good prices.
Site Supplies
Combat Robotics NZ Commonly required parts for combat robots stocked here in NZ!
Bot Bitz Drive motors and speed controllers.
Hobby King Batteries, Weapon Motors, and Weapon Speed Controllers. (Order from the Australian warehouse for faster shipping!)
Fingertech Robotics Wheels, weapon kits, robot kits & other miscellaneous robot parts.
Mr Positive Misc batteries/connectors

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the store, contact Shaun at: