Q: Can I build my own robot?

A: YES! Your robot should be built to be tough and ruthless. You will be fighting for survival in the arena! We will not provide ready-made robots, so if you don’t bring a robot, you can’t compete.

Q: Who can compete?

A: Robots for the school competition must be driven by a tertiary, high school, intermediate or primary school student. If you are interested in an open event, send an email and we'll notify you of other competitions.

Q: I can’t build robots but still want to enter! Help!?

A: We are selling beginner’s kits with assembly instructions for cheap thanks to Vodafone. These will be ultra-simple with step-by-step instructions provided. You are encouraged to modify the design to make your robot even more dangerous.

Q: Isn't it expensive to build new robots just to have them destroyed?

A: The majority of the cost is electronic components, which tend to remain intact, even in a brutally beaten robot. This means you can use the majority of the kit year after year.

Q: What are the rules?

A: You can read the rules here

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